Infringement of terms related to this accord is an exceptionally serious matter. Please read the following terms carefully and thoroughly. Any violation of these conditions may result in termination of your account without pay and will be followed by an investigation and prosecution by all possible means.

- You must be 18/21 years of age to participate in the program (depending on your local jurisdiction).
- One account only (per webmaster/company) is allowed.
- Spam of any kind is not permitted.
- We emphatically do NOT agree to, accept or approve of resources that endorse: child pornography, preteen (model age before 18), rape, murder or any form of violence, incest, zoo, warez, password selling or trading. You may not place banners or text links on any page that contains such information. This includes links, graphics, text, or any HTML including meta tags for the following content. Any hits and/or sales sent from resources like these will be immediately dropped without pay!
- Payments will be made in US Dollars twice per month by wire transfer, check, ePassporte, Fethard, Capital Collect or Webmoney.
- We'll charge you $25 for wire transfer, $7 per check. Transfers to Epassporte, Fethard, Capital Collect or Webmoney are free of charge.
- Earning that are below $100 will be rolled over to the next period till you reach the minimum payout of $100.
- We'll pay you 50%-65% from all preliminary and recurring sales engendered by traffic you send to our sites.
- We'll pay you 10% from all referred webmaster sales.
- Self-referring webmaster accounts are forbidden. These restrictions apply to your relatives and employees as well.
- We reserve the right to increase payout percent to webmasters with high sale level.
- You may use the free content for our sites' promotion only. Illegal use of free content will be prosecuted. You may change content in different ways (for instance resizing, or in the making of your own promotional materials), but NOT in regards to copyright removal.
- Banners my be used for our sites' promotion only.
- Banners must be served from your server. No hotlinking allowed, except for the webmaster referral banners/buttons provided in the webmasters area with purpose for use in the signature on webmasters boards.
- A disproportionate amount of chargebacks may lead to immediate account termination.
- You should not misrepresent our sites, including but not limited to, misrepresenting the cost of membership, terms of membership, or content contained within our sites.
- There will be no compensation for technical dysfunction should it result in downtime or other inconveniences.
- We take neither responsibility nor liability for the actions of our webmasters regarding any and all illicit practices. We expect you, our webmasters, to maintain the highest ethical standards set by this agreement as well as our terms and conditions.
- We reserve the right to cancel this program at any time, without prior notification. In cases such as this, you will be notified at once and salaried all funds due at that time.
- We reserve the right to terminate, without pay, the account found to be cheating us.
- We reserve the right to terminate any account due to violation of any term herein without pay.
- We reserve the right to change this agreement at any time. You are responsible to refer to this document from time to time.

Last modified: 1 February, 2007

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  • Earncoin v2 launched in testing mode!

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    This is the beginning, more features are coming soon... stay tuned!

    There is no need to change old links - they are completely compatible with v2!
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