The value we place on the privacy of our webmasters cannot be measured.

We take great lengths to ensure that every bit of information you provide to Earncoin.com, as well as all email and other correspondence, remains strictly confidential. Your signing up for an account requires only the barest minimum of personal info. The data required is necessary to contact you and to make payments. We would like to emphatically stress the fact that this information will not be shared with any third parties.

Questions regarding this privacy policy? Please contact us.

Latest News

  • 23 March,2008
  • Our newest gay interracial website White Butt Bombers is available for promotion.
  • 30 January,2008
  • We are proud to announce the launch of Pain Lessons, our newest gay BDSM website.
  • 1 March,2007
  • Earncoin v2 launched in testing mode!

    What's v2? It's new platform for successful bisuness, new features, more money! We 've updated all FHGs, released new clickable banners... and updated 'Promo Tools' section completely. Old 'subaccounts' were replaced with more powerfull campaigns...

    This is the beginning, more features are coming soon... stay tuned!

    There is no need to change old links - they are completely compatible with v2!
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